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CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment)

August 3, 2021

Never say DrownedBaby isn’t customer led and responsive to requests! Actually, I was asked about CVI and when I logged in tonight to work on an old post I had started on REST, I found I had also started a post on CVI.

Here is my response to the parent that asked about CVI –

Robert was diagnosed with CVI by the local ($750/visit) specialist. We were told he’d be legally blind. Between HBOT and Stem Cells he now sees great. If you go to PHX to see Dr. P, get an exam with Dr. Cassidy. He’s a special needs pediatric ophthalmologist. He agreed Robert is fine. Long story to say you may be better served spending time/effort/money on other things right now and the CVI may take care of itself. Dr. Cassidy

Many of our kids suffer from vision impairment due to brain injury. The eyes and optic nerve are fine but the area of the brain that receives and interprets the images is damaged. My research indicates this area is largely gray matter. HBOT works great on gray matter! We also saw a big jump in Robert’s visual acuity after his first round of stem cells.

As with so many persons and paradigms, the CVI specialist was thrilled that we saw such an improvement with Robert but expressed no interest in what we had done or in sharing it with her other patients.