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Encouragement, Correction and Rebuke

September 30, 2020

Let me introduce you to Honzik, a drowned baby living in the Czech Republic. In the video below you can see Honzik storming and beginning to develop the backwards C-Shape that Robert also developed and suffered with for 27+ days.

Honzik’s family found Robert’s story and reached out to us. We provided them with the HBOT protocol used to treat Robert and they approached the hospital treating Honzik. The response was the Czech version of, “Why not?” Here is Honzik four dives later. The bend is gone. He is aware and receiving physical therapy.

Update five months after injury: We received pictures and video today of Baby Honzik at home, following commands and re-learning to walk. Prompt HBOT stopped the damage occurring in his brain!

And now for Penny, a drowned baby living in Florida. When she was discharged from the hospital after her initial treatment for drowning, her parents were told that per her MRI she had ‘irreparable’ damage to the brain stem and medulla oblongata and would be a vegetable for life. Unfortunately, Penny developed an infection around her trachea that caused her to begin seizing. When she was admitted to the hospital for the seizures, an MRI was performed to try to determine the cause of the seizures. While the MRI disclosed no cerebellar reason for the seizures, the MRI did show a ‘normal’ brain stem and medulla oblongata. The difference? A single, forty-dive round of HBOT treatment.

I offer these ‘case studies’ as encouragement to parents dealing with a hypoxic/anoxic/reperfusion brain injury. There are treatments available. A brain given the correct support will heal. TBI is not a death sentence.

I offer these ‘case studies’ as correction to those that say nothing can be done. I listened to you tell me that everything that made Robert, Robert, was gone. That bubbly little boy is still here with us. He is still as funny and sweet as he was before his accident and is now speaking in sentences and playing jokes on his sister.

I offer these ‘case studies’ as rebuke to the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies that continue to fight against using early HBOT to prevent reperfusion injury. You have admitted that the existing protocols don’t work. What is required to get you to try something else? Early HBOT saves lives, saves quality of life and saves money. “Why not?”