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October 14, 2021

This is probably going to be another rant. While I don’t know the statement to be entirely true, my other possible title was, “Tone never killed anybody.”

When we were still in hospital with Robert and the doctors were throwing drugs at him in an (unsuccessful) attempt to control his storming; Gabapentin was ordered. As with everything, we began furiously researching side effects. The first drug fact sheet I encountered said something to the effect of, ‘it is unknown how Gapapentin works but it is believed that it prevents the creation of new neural synapses.’ I handed the drug fact sheet to the doctor and asked if I should be giving my severely brain injured son a drug that prevented the creation of new neural synapses? He said, “It says that?” and walked out of the room. I have since found studies confirming this and recommending against pregnant women taking Gabapentin as it may prevent the development of their baby’s brain. I have included the lead paper and a summary of the lead paper below.

We have seen multiple children that were weaned be put back on drugs to, ‘help with the tone.’ Like a slow poison, we watch these kids break down over the following weeks and months. The inflammation, swollen face, extended tongue, bulging eyes . . . .

When we left hospital with Robert, after refusing a Baclofen pump, we were told we were permanently harming him and causing irreparable damage to his body. As with so many things, this proved to be untrue.

All drugs have side effects. Many of the drugs used on our kiddos have never been tested for pediatric use. The longer we walk this road, I become more convinced that rest, good food, healthy stimulation and HBOT are the best medicines.