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June 19, 2020

In a ‘friend of a friend’ type situation we were made aware of the work of Dr. Lewis K. Clark and his supplement Neupanex. Neupanex is referred to as the first intracranial helmet for the brain and supports protection and healing of the brain after severe insult.

Dr. Clark practices in Webster, TX, a suburb of Houston and within two hours drive of our home. We were able to get an appointment with Dr. Clark to discuss Robert’s condition and how Neupanex might help. Rather than recommending ‘regular’ Neupanex, Dr. Clark used Robert to begin testing a pediatric formulation. Unfortunately, the COVID Quarantine has stopped this development and testing. We are now giving Robert a reduced dose of ‘regular’ Neupanex.

We are often asked what changes we attribute to Neupanex. Because Robert is undergoing so many simultaneous therapies there is no single improvement we can attribute to Neupanex. Instead, we view Neupanex as supporting Robert’s other therapies.

It is said that the families of brain injured children suffer as much as the injured child. Taking this to heart, we give the entire family a periodic ‘maintenance’ dose of Neupanex to help offset the effects of stress, etc. I personally find the use of Neupanex to lead to better sleep and greater mental clarity.