Food and Supplements General


March 18, 2020

This is really more of a general rant. We live in a society that is fat averse. Low fat diets are encouraged, even for children. When we do eat fat, we eat ‘cheap’ hydrogenated fat that is toxic to the human body. Soy, corn and canola oils are no better. We use hand sanitizer that is de-fatting, wash in detergents (see what the label actually says on your bar of ‘soap’) that are de-fatting and take drugs to reduce cholesterol. No wonder we have so many brain injured kids (ADD, ADHD, etc.) and aggressive adults.

The brain is made of fat. Please include quality fat in your family’s diet. Real olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, fish oil, lard, etc. Eat the skin on your chicken. Eat fish and grass fed beef. You’ll be less inflamed, feel better and think clearer.

Blood cholesterol is indicative of the body trying to repair damage. Find and address the underlying issue rather than take a pill to reduce cholesterol and paradoxically shut down healing.