HBOT Research

The information below was generally selected from available US and UK data. I have since gained access to the European equivalent of Jain’s Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine and its supporting research. The data becomes overwhelming. Why is HBOT not mainstream medicine for brain injury? Why are our kids suffering and dying?

Chapter 20 of Jain’s Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine catalogues much of the relevant research on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Ischemia (inadequate blood supply) and Anoxia (absence of oxygen). Drowning usually involves both conditions. Of particular interest are the animal trials and the human trials for hyper-acute and acute treatment. These are the studies that demonstrate that reperfusion injury can be stopped. Reperfusion injury is also present with heart attack and stroke.

These are the ‘dead baby’ studies and porcine studies referenced in Jain. Imagine if hyperbarics had been used to treat these babies initially, instead of as a last resort! I have also included a summary validating the Mathieu hanging data – also mentioned in Jain.

This is an interesting news article about a ‘real life’ case study using early intervention, high pressure HBOT. I have seen the photos before and will try to locate them and add them.

This is Eden’s story. I post it last as it is about using HBOT for chronic brain injury healing. This is what Robert and so many others have experienced. This is the first documented reversal of brain injury from drowning.

While we were in the hospital, the “Canadian CP Trials” were offered as proof that HBOT does not work for chronic injury. Page 354, Published Clinical Trials, in Jain, Chapter 23, specifically speaks to these trials.  These trials were flawed in two ways.  The HBOT dose was stronger than that typically used (1.75ATA vs. 1.5ATA) and raised oxidative stress concerns for pediatric patients.  The “sham” or control dose was an efficacious dose of HBOT.  In short, the trial compared two doses of HBOT and not HBOT and a control.  The “sham” or control patients did better than the HBOT group.  Robert and Eden were both treated with the “sham” protocol with immediate and profound results. 

Finally, here is a news clip discussing Robert and Conor early in their hyperbaric journeys.