The photos below are links to a number of products we have used during Robert’s recovery process. Some of these links are to affiliate sites and we will gain a small commission from anything you purchase from these sites. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” You will not pay more because you linked from and no product is here because it pays commission. These are products we used and found helpful. Any revenue generated will be used to maintain this site and/or purchase therapy for Robert.


Oxygen Revolution, Paul G. Harch M.D., Virginia McCullough

I am an injured diver and had a foot in the hyperbaric medicine community before Robert drowned. This book was given to me weeks before Robert’s drowning. It confirmed the path that we needed to take and offered encouragement. I have been able to use this book with those who are suffering from other ailments (memory loss, stroke, etc.) and I have handed out a stack of these to doctors – trying to change the way we deal with drowning.

Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine, K.K. Jain

This is THE RESOURCE for hyperbaric medicine. I have used this more than any other book to address questions from doctors and friends.

Parting The Waters, Jeanne Damoff

A non-medical book about a mother’s experience with drowning and restoration. This served both as encouragement and warning about unexpected issues and emotions.

Create a Better Brain through Neuroplasticity: A Manual for Mamas, Debi Pearl

A fun book about neuroplasticity. Every time I thumb through this book I am reminded of exercises I can do with Robert.

How to Feed a Brain

The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk: Understanding Neuroplasticity in the Child’s Brain, Karen Pape, MD

While I don’t agree with everything Dr. Pape says, this is a great book and full of useful information.

Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide, Neil H Riordan

While we have decided that IV stem cells are not the best solution for Robert’s injury, this is a great book on the history of therapeutic stem cells and a good primer for those considering stem cell therapy.

Robert received his first stem cell treatment in Panama at Dr. Riordan’s clinic. We had a great experience and saw gains attributed to the therapy.

Kids Beyond Limits, Anat Baniel

This was the first ‘non-traditional’ therapy book that we read. The book that started us down the Primitive Reflex/Neurological Reorganization path that has benefited Robert so much.


Vitamin C: Sodium Ascorbate

Good for what ails ya . . . including the oxidative stress associated with HBOT. This easily absorbed form of Vitamin C is cost effective and efficacious. When mixed with water it can be injected through a feeding tube. The left photo links to the one pound container, the right to the one kilogram (2.2lbs) container.

Vitamins D+K

According to the experts we’re all deficient in Vitamin D. The Vitamin K helps with absorption of the Vitamin D.

Neurospectrum 360

‘Vitamins’ developed specifically for healing brain injury. The capsules can be opened and mixed with water for use in a feeding tube or sippy cup.

Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder

Now that Robert is drinking by mouth, we add this for minerals and flavor to cover the taste of all of the supplements we ‘hide’ in his water.

SuperFat Nut Butter

A great travel snack with lots of calories and good fat. Though we have not tried the Keto Diet with Robert, there is much evidence that a Keto Diet is good for healing brain injury and especially for controlling seizures.


See our discussion of formula and links to recommendations here:


Another high quality, easy to feed, fat for the brain.

Natural Calm Magnesium

According to the experts we’re all deficient in Magnesium. This is designed as a sleep aid but also helps with constipation. Tastes good, too. We also use this in Robert’s water to mask the flavor of other supplements.

PaleoThin Protein Powder

A tasty, easy to digest protein powder. Goes through a feeding tube and mixes well in liquid diets. Healing brains need lots of Protein and Fat.

Turmero (Turmeric)

Turmeric is demonstrated to reduce inflammation and support brain healing. Be careful – this stuff stains! During the early days, when we had daily vomiting, all of Robert’s clothes and most of our towels were a lovely orange color. This can be fed through a feeding tube.


CARES Harness

This is the harness we used flying to Panama and the first time to Mexico.

Sippy Cup

After a LOT of experimentation, this is the sippy cup that finally worked for Robert.

Play Area

Once Robert began sliding around we needed a safe place for him to be contained. This is it. We bought several sets and ‘walled off’ part of our great room. We put an area rug in it to encourage Robert to crawl instead of sliding on his back.


The bite guard shaped working part of this toothbrush makes it perfect for use with the ‘less than cooperative’ kiddo. Just open and bite down. Use with FLUORIDE FREE toothpaste as they will swallow the paste. (This is not the same brand we used with Robert – they have stopped making it – but is similar. Presented as an idea.)


One of Robert’s therapists recommended this as a way to stimulate his joints and build new neurons. Place the massager on each joint (knee, elbow, wrist, etc.) several times a day. Of course Robert now enjoys using it as a ‘car’ and pushing it around the floor.

Screen Door

OK – I know – This has an only available on TV feel to it, BUT Robert loves to be outside. He spends most of his day on the front porch watching his brothers as they ride bikes, etc. However, he hates to have the screen door closed as it prevents him from coming/going as he desires and shuts him off from life inside. Bev saw this and we tried it. Robert immediately discovered he could open/close this and come and go as he pleased. Problem solved.

Grounded Crib Sheet

One of Robert’s therapists recommended this as a way to improve sleep. She uses one and feels it helps greatly.


My attempt to spread the word on the existence of this website.


The following items are things we are trying out but cannot yet recommend.