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Dr. Sears’ Fish Oil

July 28, 2019

We use fish oil with Robert and have since the first days in the hospital. It was one of the few constructive things we could do in the hospital. We were required to sign a release for ‘Parent Supplied Nutrition’. We initially used a high quality, refrigerated brand from the local health food store but then switched to Dr. Sears’ Zone brand as he has a protocol and dosing for brain injury. We give Robert 1 tsp (5ml), twice a day. Robert weighs ~35lbs (16kg). Fish Oil

The Dr. Sears’ Zone brand fish oil is dosed with an Aloe Vera and Trace Mineral supplement called Sea Health that is reported to help break the fish oil into ‘micro-globules’ to improve absorption. It is mixed 3:1 with the fish oil. Sea Health

If you go this route, heed the storage warnings on the fish oil. We melted the plastic in a hotel refrigerator!!

PubMed now has a number of articles (27 pages!!) on using Omega-3s for brain injury. Search using Omega-3 AND Brain Injury.

Robert was initially given the fish oil and Sea Health mixture via his G-tube. Now that he is ‘tubeless’ we mix it in a fruit squeeze pouch and he sucks it right down.

We were greatly helped in all of this by Paul Wilk. +1 (949) 212-1123 Paul offers a “Trauma Starter Kit” at a steep discount to anybody fighting for a loved one. This is how we started. Additional orders may be placed using this link Zone Diet and discount code RECOVER10. (We receive no income for purchases made from Zone Diet or Paul. This is shared only as part of Robert’s recovery story and in the hopes it will help.)

Here are two papers we read early on, supporting the use of fish oil for brain injury. The third is an animal study showing how powerful Omega-3 oil is at repairing brain injury. The fourth is an interesting summary regarding fish oil, inflammation (present following drowning) and concussion.

UPDATE – In the time since Robert’s accident I have contacted Dr. Sears and asked about the maximum dose for severely injured children. While his office declined to provide any dosing guidance they did provide the paper below.

Short Story – Doses of up to 15ml per day are indicated. I would suggest three 5ml doses throughout the day to promote absorption and prevent stomach upset. This dosing must be accompanied by regular (at least monthly) blood testing of the AA/EPA ratio. This ratio should be maintained between 1.5 and 3.0. If higher than 3.0, more fish oil is needed.