Normobaric Oxygen Therapy

February 19, 2020

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is defined as the application of increased pressure and increased oxygen. Normobaric Oxygen Therapy is the application of increased oxygen at atmospheric pressure. Normobaric Oxygen Therapy has the advantage of not requiring a chamber and can be done anywhere breathing oxygen is available.

There is now research that indicates that it is the application and removal of pressure and oxygen that causes gene switching and associated healing benefits. This would explain some, but not all, of the healing benefits of HBOT and also why Normobaric Oxygen Therapy is efficacious.

Normobaric Oxygen Therapy can be done once the patient is off of any supplemental oxygen. In Robert and Eden’s cases, oxygen was administered at 2l/min by nasal canula, twice a day for 45-minutes each time. In both cases, immediate results were seen.

Below is a paper detailing Eden’s treatment using Normobaric Oxygen Therapy.

This is a therapy that can be done in hospital, as soon as the patient no longer requires supplemental oxygen. The rates and periods of application are low enough/short enough that Doctors will often allow the protocol on the basis that it can’t hurt.

Addendum: The above was true when written. However, we now know of at least three children that have been treated with Normobaric Oxygen Therapy with good result while still on the vent and receiving supplemental oxygen. The first child was at 30% FiO2 when Normobaric started through the vent. The doctors turned her up to 50% FiO2 twice a day for 45 min each time.